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If you've struggled to connect to your audience... If you feel like no matter what you say, you don't sell anything...

It's time for a content refresh.

Level up your copywriting skills with the Write for Sales membership and take the next step on your blogging path.

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Niche in a Box

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Meet Sadie & Jill

Sadie is the creator and original founder of Niche in a Box. She’s your dream guru for all things blogging. From crafting dynamic starter sites to constructing impressive six-figure blogs, Sadie’s touch turns ideas into digital gold. She acts in an advisory role for all things Niche in a Box while kicking butt with her Passive Income Pathways memberships. Her mission now is simple: she wants to share her wealth of knowledge and success with you! 👩‍💻🌟

Jill is the owner and operator of Niche in a Box and is a powerhouse of digital marketing strategy. With over a decade's worth of experience working with multi-million dollar businesses, Jill knows the ins and outs of the digital landscape like the back of her hand. Her digital marketing strategies are designed to catapult your blog right into the limelight. There's no one better equipped to guide you in crafting an effective online presence. 💡📈

*Lifetime of the course for as long as we're running that toolkit. Plus you'll be able to download the toolkit contents and have access to them forever.

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